About Us

At butter up! we believe that butter makes everything better. Mixed with a dash of love, it goes on to add a homely touch to everything from scrumptious comfort foods to healthy snacks and all that’s in between

The food industry is constantly evolving and we evolve with it. We strive to bring to all that’s new and true to the table. What makes us special is our belief in client centrality, and the drive to deliver food that satisfies all your cravings. 

Our unique recipes are inspired by the feeling of comfort found in authenticity. 

All our ventures aim to bring out traditional flavours with new ingredients and innovative techniques. Made with fresh ingredients, we ensure that you get nothing less than an extraordinary experience in every bite you take!


Welcome to the butterup! kitchen. Kitchen shenanigans have begun, however not for the upcoming event. No. It’s for Baba Breakfast, a.k.a the ritualistic meal without which the chefs of our kitchen themselves shall refuse to function. Come lets meet the team, as each chef prepares his/her own favourite dish to feed their hearts and appetites

Chef Nikita

Breakfast means nothing less than everything for our beloved Chef Nikita. Starting with bacon, eggs and freshly baked bread, her love for sharing good food comes out as she sets the mezze platter complete with cold cuts, tuna tartare, cheese, flavoured butters, and jams. With an educational qualification in architecture, she is a chef by passion and profession, and a devoted host at heart. After getting her diploma from International Institute of Culinary Arts, Delhi, she went on to train in the kitchens of The Imperial, Delhi and Caperberry, Bangalore. 

During this she came through to win the Student Chef of the Year award by Indian Culinary Forum. She also went on to manage several successful catering events and satisfied hearts, for which she was published in the magazine Good Housekeeping. Her love for travel and exploration reflects in her eclectic ideas and the ability to put them together and creating a setting suited almost synonymously to the vibe, taste, and requirement at hand.

Chef Rishab

Along with bubbling excitement and puzzling ideas, Chef Rishab also holds an immaculate record of making these  unimaginable concoctions work – much like the traditional French Omelette he prepares perfectly enough to kickstart his breakfast every morning. Mastering the art of cooking, baking, and ideating, he now works with unmatchable speed to finish his omelette. With a sprinkle of sea salt and Parsley to give his breakfast a punchy twist, this meal is now ready to awaken his senses.

Laying foundations  with a degree from the International  Institute of Culinary Arts, Delhi he went on to train at hotels like The Imperial, Delhi and Le Meridien, Bangalore. From there he carved his way forward by working at restaurants like Olive Bar & Kitchen and The Grammar Room. From a snoozy young adult, Chef Rishab has come a long way finding his passion for food as we know it, all the while innovating to find new flavours for a whole new experience in every bite he creates. 

Chef Surbhi

Invigorated by the cooling essence of Basil, Chef Surbhi now prepares her ever favourite Pesto Pasta with the one track mind that drives her to consistently achieve a sense of perfection. Complete with some Buratta cheese, her comforting staple is ready to power her through the day.

Chef Surbhi worked in the corporate world for seven years, after which she quit her stable life to manifest her love for food. On approaching a chef for guidance, she was bluntly asked to stick her hand in a burning barbeque as a test of whether she was ready to take the harshness of the business. Undeterred, she went on to start her new career in multiple small restaurants before going on to join the team at Olive Bar & Kitchen. It has been a year and a half since she started cooking, working from the basics and up to now plating a constant balance of traditional flavours in a soul satisfying fashion.